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Welcome to eSACS

Welcome to eSACS – Southwest Allen County School’s virtual school for students grades 6-12.  

eSACS, a virtual school, also known as an online school or cyber school, delivers instruction and learning experiences primarily through the internet and digital technologies. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar schools, eSACS exists in the virtual space, allowing students and teachers to interact and access educational resources remotely from any location with internet connectivity. eSACS is an alternative educational option for students seeking a flexible and personalized learning experience. 

eSACS Offers:              

Online Learning Platform


Remote Instruction

Diverse Course Offerings

Individualized Learning


Quality Instructors

Interested in learning more about eSACS? Please click here and complete the online interest form. A member of eSACS will contact you with further information and help you decide if eSACS is right for you.